Mercedes-Benz Global Training Experience Dresden 2019


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Concept Summary

Jury statement:
A state-of-the-art training event in which participants were immersed in a digital and technological training experience. A case study for any event management university to showcase as the perfect training event. The jury understood right away that this ‘digital deep-dive training’ was the best of the best.

THE OPEN CAMPUS – Mercedes-Benz Global Trainings Experience 2019 Dresden Digital transformation is leaving its mark all over commercial business. Which is why Mercedes-Benz have invited their 14.500 strong, global sales team from 71 markets worldwide to join them at Dresden Exhibition Center. Here – over a two-month period – they’ll combine completing a physical training circuit with a digital educational experience. The two-day training takes place under the motto »THE OPEN CAMPUS« and turns the exhibition area in an oversized, accessible interface. Already at the joint opening session participants sense their active role in a new digital movement. The brand’s own transformation becomes experiential when the sales team »ENTER THE GRID«. Housed in a listed building an immaterial, digitalized architecture leads from space to space. Alongside umbrella themes like the EQ City – the Mercedes-Benz future of electronic mobility - product innovations and a driving experience the training ground can be individually configures. Therefor the »LEARNscape« offers staff the chance to individually map their very own digital learning path and depending how digitally savvy they are. THE OPEN CAMPUS experience is completed with a closing session to share and to consolidate the new knowledge and training content. Two days “Digital Deep Dive” in brand, products and sales tools. The Mercedes-Benz Global Trainings-Experience 2019 is a state of the art experience in the fields of real and digital seamless B2B communications.

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