„Let’s build the city of the future“ – Wicona at BAU 2019


Architecture, Best Stand L (über 500 m²)





Concept Summary

Jury statement:
New York: the timeless icon of modernity, diverse outlooks on life, and a unique skyline.
For Wicona and their target groups of architects, engineers and facade builders, the model is translated into an appropriate abstraction and the chromaticity connects the sculpture to the brand.
The ceiling reigns over everything: the brand, the themes and the common meeting point in the centre.
A clean, clear project that richly deserves the Silver Award.

WICONA approached us with the task of creating a 3-dimensional representation of the WICONA brand at their trade fair booth. WICONA, the innovation leader in aluminium facades, was looking for a stark design that would clearly set itself apart from its surroundings. "Let’s build the city of the future" The core message for us when we set out in search of a metaphoric image of the city of the future was this: Our cities are constantly changing. Buildings are torn down and new ones are built in their places. Gaps appear between buildings, city landscapes are constantly changing, and nobody really knows how our cities will develop over the next few centuries. Will we live in skyscrapers, in floating structures or possibly underground? Nobody knows for sure. But what we do know is that people will continue to have their fa-vourite places in their cities: a rooftop terrace, a park or a public square. Inspired by futuristic architectural ideas and science fiction films, we developed the Upside Downtown concept with floating buildings: a visionary type of living space that emphasises the customer's power to innovate. An abstract representation of a park, framed by an organically shaped area, forms the clearly defined centre of the trade fair booth. Using targeted 360° sound design with directional sound, we were able to create soundscapes reminiscent of parks and inner cities. Visitors experienced these contrasting urban atmospheres and, through them, the WICONA brand even more intensely than would have been pos-sible using architectural elements alone.

Hydro Building Systems Germany GmbH
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