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Concept Summary

Jury statement:
‘Ready to race’ is the motto of KTM's permanent exhibition - and KTM made the race! The orange spirit comes to life in this highly professional and very emotional brand experience. Not only racers will appreciate it.

Ready to Race: KTM Motohall is the company’s platform to transfer the unique “Orange Spirit” of the world-famous sports motorcycle brand. On 3.000 sqm exhibition space on three levels, it showcases the company’s DNA: history, design and innovation, technology, the competitive spirit, the KTM community and the dynamics that the KTM brand stands for. The ellipse-shaped building is strongly reminiscent of a motorcycle racing track and provides barrier-free access throughout. The visitors are guided through themed spaces and start with the design process: from the initial sketch through to the finished products, showing all steps in between. Hands-on stations make the content accessible; several are supported by dynamic projections. Some 70 racing and off-road motorcycles deliver a virtual race at high speed in the steep curve. The three levels of the exhibition are spatially connected by two installations: an impressive grid display that hangs from the ceiling holds more than 200 trophies won. An installation of seven motocross bikes follows the jump over a dirt ramp and spans the entire height of the building; the rider merely holding on to the handles. The highlight of the exhibition is the “Heroes of Racing”: the KTM riders that won the trophies. Each KTM champion is presented with his bike and shown in the pose he is best known for. This exhibition level is contextualised by a 360-degree projection showing road and superbike racing, as well as motocross and off-road racing, making it an immersive visitor experience. KTM Motohall takes the visitors into the world of cutting-edge, premium motor sports and delivers a full experience of what the “Orange Spirit” means.

Hofbauer Liebmann Wimmesberger Architekten
Ausstellungsgestaltung: ATELIER BRÜCKNER
Fotografien 1-4: Daniel Stauch | Fotografie 5: Josephine Voß, Oschatz Visuelle Medien
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