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Jury statement:
Presenting the coldest product in the coldest season of the year? Playing with precisely this combination worked well – ice cream met Frozen Store, in which the Arctic environment was recreated using blocks of ice igloo-style. A perfect setting – an opinion shared by the thousands of visitors who queued for over an hour to try out 80,000 samples in the store in Hamburg. The PR achieved fabulous results that also melted the hearts of the project’s creators.

kinder® Ice Cream launched two new varieties in February 2019: the kinder® Bueno Ice Cream Bar and kinder® Joy Ice Cream. The goal was to make Unilever’s ice cream expertise tangible, present the new ice cream varieties, and conjure up new emotions and memories The Frozen Store in the heart of Hamburg: wind whistles while ice crackles atmospherically, fog drifts over the ground and kinder® Ice Cream products are hidden in blocks of ice. Promotions to get involved in and unlimited free samples draw additional visitors. The instagrammable pop-up store is a feast for the senses. A package of PR, out-of-home and digital measures, together with influencer marketing, supported communications relating to the frozen store. An exclusive opening party for celebrities before the opening created a lot of buzz, on social media, TV and in print. Guests included Daniela Katzenberger, Verona Pooth and the event’s presenter Cathy Hummels. Over the three days, ice cream fans also got the opportunity to meet the target-group appropriate influencers Klaudia mit K (@klaudiagiez) and Isabeau (@isabeau_youtube). With the world’s first frozen store, Unilever brought the Arctic to Hamburg, creating a multi-sensory ice grotto. Thousands of people tasted 80,000 ice cream samples. This unique icy experience helped Unilever generate more than 250 clippings and PR reach of 1.8 billion, resulting in even more hype about kinder® Ice Cream. The world’s first sub-zero shop allowed us to create a unique brand experience. The number of visitors and samples shows that consumers are hungry for unique moments like this. This icy experience gave them new positive emotional memories of the brand.

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