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The world's first kinder® Ice Cream Frozen Store celebrated its world premiere in Hamburg in March 2019. Visitors could not only try the two new ice creams kinder® Bueno Ice Cream Bar and kinder® Joy Ice Cream in the frozen shop for three days, but also explore the frosty pop-up store. fischerAppelt, live marketing planned the implementation of a unique world of experience, that visitors can see and feel. The aim was to create a convincing and authentic brand experience in which the new products are scenically integrated. The iced store in combination with the experience of the new taste should motivate people to share what they have experienced. The basis for this was a room-in-room construction inside an empty shop. The inner room and the interior were iced by experts in the field of artificial and real ice industry. Using various sound, fog and light effects, the area has been transformed into an authentic ice grotto. The instagrammable store is a feast for the senses. A package of PR, out-of-home and digital measures, supported communications relating to the frozen store. An exclusive opening party for celebrities before the opening created a lot of buzz, on social media, TV and in print. Guests included Daniela Katzenberger, Verona Pooth and the event’s presenter Cathy Hummels and many famous influencers. Whistling wind, crackling ice and drifting fog – we brought the Arctic to Hamburg. Thousands of people tasted 80,000 ice cream samples. The world’s first sub-zero shop allowed us to create a unique brand experience. This icy experience gave the visitors new positive emotional memories of the brand, which will result in sustainable, long-term brand loyalty.

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