IQOS World Revealed by Alex Chinneck at Milan Design Week 2019


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Concept Summary

Jury statement:
The Jury chose IQOS as the winner of the Gold Award in the Crafts category because its mind-blowing innovative design and the way it uniquely represents the integration of the past and future with an old building facade being unzipped into the future.

Philip Morris is facing the biggest transformation in his history, from a tobacco company to a high-tech company, with a radical distancing from his core product. To translate this transformation into the language of art was the task of IQOS at the Design Week 2019 in Milan. Under the direction of artist Alex Chinneck, the illusion of an oversized zipper as a symbol of transformation was created, opening an iconic 18th century building. Known for making the impossible possible, satis&fy went with the realization of the project "Iqos World revealed by Alex Chinneck" to the limits of what is technically and statically feasible. From the development of 3D models of the artworks through static calculations and material sampling to the realization of all special constructions - after only eight weeks of preparation time, the satis&fy team completely rebuilt the 260 square meter external facade. Over 3 tons of steel were used for the overhang on the outer facade. The company’s stage painters used more than 1000 hours of preparation for the elaborate structuring, coloring and patination of this construction. A further 600 working hours were used on site for the detail work. Moisture stains, moss, graffiti and torn posters were all applied to the artificially created facade as a trompe l'oeil effect. The result amazed the guests even in daylight. Over 200,000 guests visited the highlight of the Design Week, which was also the most widely shared in social networks. The IQOS World. An extraordinary art project as a metaphor for a transformation process that opens up new perspectives. Together with satis&fy.

Philip Morris International
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