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Concept Summary

HAMBURG ON TOUR is an event series that aims to present the City of Hamburg via an imaginative live PR and communications event with the goal of increasing the profile of Hamburg as one of the most liveable cities in the world. The event returned to London in 2018 presented as HAMBURG FESTIVAL. An interactive event programme was designed under the themes ‘MUSIC, FOOD and ART’ to create a multisensory event, and provide Londoners with an authentic and emotional experience. This included 24 live concerts, 12 tasting sessions, 7 street dance performances and 3 art installations across two public days, creating the emotional touchpoints required to influence customer perceptions. Long-term multi-faceted PR and communication campaigns ran alongside the event and included working with local media and radio stations for press coverage in key London titles including TimeOut London, Visit London, Evening Standard and Shoreditch Radio. This was achieved through a series of PR activities including working Influencer Ambassadors, media meetings, a Media Day consisting of a ‘Jazz & Jam media breakfast', InstaWalks and a press conference with Klaus Voormann, a notable name in music and art. B2B events aimed to develop and consolidate good political, economic and cultural relations between London and Hamburg and as part of the Business Day, there were 6 successful Business Formats under the direction of Hamburg's Deputy Mayor. HAMBURG ON TOUR was a great success, with all qualitative and quantitative KPIs reviewing event footfall (17,000 footfall), coverage generated (circulation of 71 million) and perceptions of the event, exceeding pre-event targets.

Lemongrass Marketing Ltd
Marno Happ Events
Hamburg Tourismus GmbH
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