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Flip2Go – a mobile gamification concept Flip2Go is a mobile learning trail and overall gamification concept – in a bus. Flip2Go is a rollout of the Erste Financial Life Park (FLiP) in Vienna. Since 2016, the 1,500m2 interactive Learning Trail offers a playful way of exploring topics on finance, money and life planning. In order to provide schools in rural areas with the same experience, the idea of a mobile FliP was born: Flip2Go. A bus visiting schools all over Austria. The content is brought directly to the students. But the FLiP2Go bus does not only serve as a means of transportation – it is the location of a unique “mobile” gamification concept. In seven alcoves with interactive games, the students explore complex financial topics in a playful experience specifically developed for a bus: They allocate a budget to daily expenses, become market traders, look for their dream job and follow the path of a globally produced product on a container ship. An additional alcove allows handicapped access. During the two-hour tour, visitors play independently in small groups. Two guides accompany the group on their tour: virtually! In video sequences, they lead through the games with humour and explain individual topics.

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Erste Group Bank AG, Wien
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