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For the 10 years Bosch eBike Systems anniversary, we created instead of a single event the FEEL THE FLOW Festival. During 3 days we invited 80 journalists, 400 clients and 650 employees, and transformed Stuttgart's Wagenhallen venue into a festival site, bringing flow to life - inspired by our roster of speakers, athletes, and artists. With this concept we took a look back, to celebrate what has been achieved and to give a glimpse of the mobility of tomorrow. The concept idea included three core points: content instead of PowerPoint, free-flow instead of fixed agenda, enthusiasm instead of boredom. All these points have been embedded in an in- and outdoor festival, with fascinating worlds of experience, workshops, lectures and talks, surprise acts and a freely selectable agenda. The content was tailored to the visitors and selected by them - you visit only the official opening and then decide for yourself what interests you in your personal "Free-Flow-Agenda". All this combined with short lectures and “ted talks” replaced lengthy presentations, enriched with surprise effects through spontaneous performances, urban lifestyle and cool atmosphere. The festival was divided into 7 areas: Main Stage, eLounge, Inspiration Stage, Exhibition, eWorld, and Food Court, Relax Area. The setup of the program was tailored to the audience for each day. With 20 keynotes, 3 stages that were operated at the same time, different entertainment acts that have alternated throughout the day, live challenges against an Olympic champion and a great evening party with live bands and DJs. A large Food Court gave the touch of a music festival, but with high business precision and quality!

Bosch eBike Systems
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