Employee Campaign – INTAX Racingteam 2018


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Concept Summary

Jury statement:
Via a well-designed, multisensory marketing concept focussed on communication skills and team spirit as well as the corporate philosophy, staff members were invited to intensively explore the serious issue of sustainability in a playful, entertaining manner.
INTAX succeeded in an exemplary fashion in reinforcing the feeling of belonging together, deepening identification with the company and raising awareness of sustainability issues in the everyday work environment while positioning the company as a foresighted, proactive and sustainable employer in the region.

POMMEREL successfully created and realized the employee campaign INTAX Racingteam in 2018. The fast growing company INTAX engaged the experienced and innovative live-communication agency in order to improve communication as well as the team spirit of their employees and to deepen their identification with the company. Since the company produces a high amount of plastic waste, they wanted to convey another important topic: Sustainability. POMMEREL therefore designed a tailor-made solution. The campaign was divided into two preparatory events and one final all-day event. The first two formats were implemented as trainings in which the employees participated in interactive keynotes and developed a feeling for the sustainable handling with the materials they use every day. In combination with creative workshops the teams started building their own soapboxes out of used materials and segregated items from the company’s production waste. Between the second training and the showdown the employees worked for two months on their soapbox in their free time. The consistent anticipation kept the live marketing campaign in mind for weeks. During the final event, a two hour race took place. The teams competed against each other with their sustainable self-build soapboxes which in the aftermath were inherited to their kids. Apart from many exciting fun-parts the managing director, Marco Kimme, was convinced by the campaign: Our team has grown together more closely, the communication between the departments has improved and above all the awareness of the more sustainable use of our resources in everyday working life has clearly manifested itself in the follow-up of the campaign.

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