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Our mission is to stage the complexity of digitization with multifaceted innovations and a different format, which focuses on competent and groundbreaking solutions. With DIGITAL X, Deutsche Telekom is establishing a long-term initiative with numerous partners from industry, the media and associations that play an important role in digitization. DIGITAL X as a national live experience is Europe's leading digitization initiative. It sees itself as a melting pot of transformation. Established experts meet unconventional lateral thinkers. And not only at an appointment in Cologne - we throw our network of solutions over Germany, take up information and requirements and bring solutions to the regions. Six DIGITAL X events take place as a tour through Germany. The final highlight will be the 2-day DIGITAL X 2018 in Cologne. 20,000 sqm content festival with concentrated know-how: Inspiring keynotes, panels, workshops, talks and start-up battles. At the same time, the Innovation Area offers product demonstrations with concrete assistance. The final highlight will be an exclusive live concert by the top stars "Black Eyed Peas". DIGITAL X, with 15,000 visitors in 2018, has established itself as Europe's leading transformation event from a standing start. The media strategy is also successful by reaching more than 3.2 million print and over 100 million online reach. As part of the initiative, challenges, requirements and solutions from Deutsche Telekom, partners and SMEs are screwed together and order volumes are generated. At Deutsche Telekom alone, 560business talks are booked in. In Cologne, the talks will lead to 4,500 leads and an eight-figure order volume.

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