Bundesdruckerei HMI 2018 – Mit Sicherheit erfolgreich


Architecture, Best Stand M (101 bis 500 m²)





Concept Summary

Jury statement:
We live in a world in which data exchange is a reality that happens every single second somewhere on the planet. This is very well represented at Bundesdruckerei. Moreover, the company’s manner of connecting the products and visitors was very dynamic and focussed on the company’s secure data systems. We therefore decided to present the Silver Award in this category to Bundesdruckerei.

BUNDESDRUCKEREI: SIMPLY WORKING TOGETHER SAFELY Hannover Messe International (HMI) 2018 The digital world is changing. And with it the demand for the safety of data. A topic that interests the HMI audience. So Bundesdruckerei presented itself with its innovative security solutions under the motto: SIMPLY WORKING TOGETHER SAFELY. We developed a stand concept, which offered intuitively the opportunity to directly experience the topics. The goal was to break down every main guiding idea and transfer it independently into an open, attracting and inviting space, thus creating a lasting experience of SIMPLY WORKING TOGETHER SAFELY: SIMPLY Data is what connects the world and all visitors. The invisible data flow becomes apparent and recognizable: in the form of floating light stripes. It leads the visitor into the stand and the entire world of Bundesdruckerei. WORKING TOGETHER With their simple form, the experience-cuboids provide access to defined safety innovations from all angles. Virtual processes become visible in an analogue space and are made tangible. The playful approach of the workstations brings together visitors and experts. SAFELY In the form of an oversized clip, the stand creates an architectural gesture that brings data and people together in one safe and stable manner. As a two-storey construction it guides the guests through a staircase to the raised meeting area, which offers an extraordinary view of the stand with its gallery. In the futuristic Data-Café guests are invited to intensify their discussions. The shared experience offered lasting experiences, conversations and memories to ground Bundesdruckerei as a secure partner.

Studio Bachmannkern GmbH
Visage Messe- und Ausstellungsbau GmbH
Bundesdruckerei GmbH
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