BMW Preview – Closed Rooms für die Modellneuheiten der Oberklasse


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Concept Summary

With its Manifesto of the "Story of Luxury", the BMW Group is redefining luxury. It is no longer about physical luxury, but about an attitude – with the courage to break new ground and proudly pursue one's own visions. This new attitude is reflected in fascinating stories, in the encounter of strong personalities and in the generosity of space and time. Based on this, METZLER VATER LIVE developed, together with its partners BRANDROOM (architecture) and WOLF ONE (production), a new meeting venue for the BMW Group: "The Studio". The "Studio" completely abandons the convention of closed rooms in which the vehicle is the focus of attention and the participants are guided passively through the staging. In contrast, the studio creates an equivalent brand and product environment in which the presentation of the all-new BMW 7 Series and the BMW X7 steps into the background in favour of a new understanding of luxury and which offers a social occasion to talk with personalities from the worlds of art and culture about current topics and thus give each other the most valuable thing that people can give each other: Time for personal conversations. A closed room becomes a meeting place. Inspirations and themes inspire discourse and trigger something in the visitors that ultimately radiates onto the products and associates themes with them. The studio meets its visitors at eye level. The products themselves are no more than part of an overall brand experience. The message behind it: BMW consistently represents a new luxury dimension and sets new standards in the presentation of luxurious automobiles.

BMW Group
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