BEAT World Premiere – Prime Video


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Concept Summary

Prime Video has produced the first German Thriller Series BEAT. To celebrate the world premiere of the TV format and as the crowning finale of all online and offline communication activities a launch gala event incl. red carpet with talent appearances, reception, stage show, screening and after show party is staged. The cult song from the series performed live by Tony Marshall himself sets the pace: “Heute hau’n wir auf die Pauke“ (Today we are going to paint the town red). The reference of the series BEAT is not only partially quoted, but gets realized with all of its facets, plots, locations, atmosphere, styles, music and people in a single events night that becomes itself part of the BEAT cosmos. The original filming location at Kraftwerk, original props and an authentic stage production provide the best possible immersion. Being received by driving bass lines and real bouncers, the guests enter a parallel world of techno, strobe, fog, lunacy and unfetteredness. A media wall with integrated DJ sound system, a dancefloor on the red carpet, original club personnel, unisex lavatories with DJs and a vodka slide, love swings, authentic photo booths and real tattoos directly onsite tempt the inebriated premiere guests. The fully featured club experience is interwoven with the first narrative thread of the illegal organ trade. Bloody cocktails prepared by barkeepers in surgery outfits and an interior design resembling backyard operation rooms. The unavoidable hangover – and for 29 guests also a genuine tattoo – are the strong memories of an excessive party night. Just like BEAT would have wanted it.

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