Arabian Journeys


Architecture, Best Thematic Exhibition





Concept Summary

Jury statement:
The clear spatial structure of this exhibition enriched by the interaction of virtual and haptic elements, resulting in a multi-layered experience that the jury found compelling.

The Arabian Journeys exhibition in the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture presents natural history and culture of Saudi-Arabia as a three-dimensional narrative experience. The visitors enter a clear, flowing spatial structure (1,300 sqm). Five sinuous white ribbons glide through the space, enclosing and framing different zones. Each ribbon represents one particular theme. It guides the visitor from the central 'Connection Zone', a place to linger and reflect, into the different themed areas where it opens up into a film projection surface that completely surrounds the visitor. In combination with light and sound, an immersive experience is generated. Visitors become part of the landscape cycles portrayed by means of the films' narratives. For example, they experience the inaccessible mountainous regions of the country during a helicopter flight or interact with schools of fish from the Golf and the Red Sea. Each theme-based area has been designed individually in respect of the colours selected, the floor graphics and the implementation of the interactive media tables and showcases. The specifics of the respective region are vividly illustrated. In the 'Desert Trek' area for example, the showcases adopt the flowing shape of dunes and in the 'Mountain Crossing' area, their cubic, pointed peak-like design is reminiscent of the monolithic mountains of Saudi-Arabia. Interactive media tables encourage people in a playful manner to find out more about the landscape regions. Visitors embark on individual journeys of discovery. For example, they follow a caravan through the desert.

Tarek Atrissi Design
Ausstellungsgestaltung: ATELIER BRÜCKNER
Fotografien: Daniel Stauch
Saudi Aramco
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