Grand Basel – Exceptional Show Architecture for Automobiles


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Messe Basel - Switzerland


Grand Basel

Concept Summary

In September 2018, the ultimate show for automotive masterpieces celebrated its international debut in Basel. Grand Basel hired Winkler and Expomobilia to create the unique show architecture. What makes Grand Basel unique is the careful selection of automotive masterpieces, which pays particular attention to the cultural significance of the vehicles, their conceptual innovation, their condition, origin, limited availability and market value. Grand Basel is also the first and only show to present the automobile in the context of art, design, architecture and lifestyle, bringing together major automobiles in an incomparable, groundbreaking setting. This show is a completely new approach to presenting, discussing and appreciating cars. Inspired by the world of art galleries, the project team of Grand Basel, Winkler and Expomobilia has, over the past 18 months, designed a modular exhibition architecture for Grand Basel that is reduced to the essentials. The focus is on the exhibits: the cars as the stars of the show. In this way, we have created a frame that directs the view of the exhibit, free of superfluous elements. Each vehicle affects the viewer in all its details in its own right. A stripped-back, modern contrast to the approach of the classic vehicle fairs. Expomobilia developed and implemented a frame concept for the presentation of the exhibits. The aim was to develop a modular system that combined the presentation of the cars with the corresponding lounges in multiple ways. The result is a modular system in which lounges and cars can be combined as desired. Thus, 100 different cars were presented in 56 frames over an exhibition area of 32,000m2.

Winkler Livecom AG
Joel Koch
5610 Wohlen, Nordstrasse 1, Schweiz
Kunde / Aussteller
Grand Basel
Architekt / Designer
Blue Scope Berlin GmbH
Expomobilia – MCH Live Marketing Solutions AG