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03 | Die Kraft 19-01-2021

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Ulf Tassilo Muench

Street Food Congress Europe

Whether traveling, festivals, restaurant visits or private food – culinary art connects people and cultures. Eating is so much more than just food and beverage. Food is a global ambassador for cultural identities.

Ulf Tassilo Muench is an international consultant and top chef, he is a passionate visionary, always innovative, analytical and creative.
Ulf Tassilo Muench is a gastronomic professional. With “Tashiro Dim Sum” he delights the culinary elite. With the “Meat Circus” he pampers over 5000 guests at events.
Star chefs appreciate his culinary vision, in depth knowledge and skills. He got certified twice in Japan
In the craft of traditional  Japanese noodles.
As a driving force, he is a sought-after partner for business personalities and speaker at conferences in Germany and abroad.
He initiates platforms and event formats such as the Culinary Stage and the Street Food Congress Europe at the BOE or the International Food Film Festival Hamburg.
His heart beats for “food and drink”.
His credo: „Think Ahead“.