International Festival of Brand Experience
03 | Die Kraft 19-01-2021

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Stephan Hartmann

Neumann&Müller Event technology

13:30 – 14:00
Remote Simultaneous Interpreting – moving to Interpreting 4.0

Format: Workshop
Track: No Borders

This workshop will discuss in detail how ‘remote simultaneous interpreting’ is already technically feasible today and what still needs to be developed to create a perfect service package.

“To advance new, creative formats is a fascinating task. This is one of the reasons why I took part in the ‘Hothouse’ with the FAMAB partners. I am very curious to see which innovative platforms and conference formats will emerge there – and what experiences we can gain from them. As a technology service provider, we are committed to providing strong support for the creative part of the realisation”.

Stephan Hartmann has been responsible for sales and business development as a member of the N&M management board since 2015; he is also the head of the N&M branch office in Esslingen. The 58-year-old was part of the original crew of the company, founded in 1981. After school, Hartmann completed a two-phase training programme as a telecommunications equipment mechanic and radio electronics technician at Sony-Wega. He joined the radio and television manufacturer in the 1970s after he discovered audio technology and in particular loudspeaker construction in the age of ‘disco fever’. Together with Frieder Fallscheer, he founded an audio engineering company. In addition to rock’n’roll productions, they worked for Süddeutscher Rundfunk and managed external productions of the broadcasting company. Their concept closely resembled the new company that Jürgen Neumann and Eberhard Müller were developing in Düsseldorf at the time. In 1989, the four men decided to open the third N&M branch office in Stuttgart.
Stephan Hartmann has worked on the conceptualisation and development of the new congress and award format known as BrandEx since its inception. ‘I want to advance this international platform for live marketing and brand architecture because the research, knowledge, expertise and collective experience of an entire industry comes together here. We can further develop all our talents only when the creative minds in live communication work together.  That’s why I enjoy contributing my expertise here.’