06 | BrandEx 2024
17.-18. JANUARY 2024

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Ralph Herrmann

Head of Corporate Communication
Würth Group

14:00 – 14:30 | Bedroom Stage
Are you still counting or are you already tracking? Measuring the success of a brand experience
Kerstin Dahnert | Stefan Ponikva | Ralph Herrmann | Christoph Beaufils | Opening and Moderation: Johannes Plass

Nowhere is the encounter between brand and customer more intense than in brand experience formats. This opinion, frequently shared in our industry, refers to the strength of multisensory stimuli, all the senses and the direct feedback from event visitors. But how measurable are these stimuli? And what precisely is required to generate positive feedback?
Compared to the digital channels, the brand experience format is still in its infancy for the most part. In many places, event visitors are only counted and surveyed; new technologies are used only cautiously. This panel aims to clarify customer expectations and embark on the search for the key performance indicators that we as an industry really should deliver to ensure that customers invest in brand experience formats with conviction in the future as well.

Ralph Herrmann has been Managing Director at marbet since 2010 and is responsible for the strategy and development of all live communication disciplines of the agency, from creation to logistic implementation. Since 2018, he has also been responsible for the entire corporate communications of the Würth Group, with a special focus on the perception and impact of the measures, including measurement. His particular focus is on the necessary and future structures of agencies and corporate communication units.