International Festival of Brand Experience
05 | Der Aufbruch 11.01.2023

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Pit Weyrich

Director and Moderator

12:30 – 13:00 | Playground Interactive
Pit Weyrich | Lutz Heineking jr. | Hans-Christoph Mücke | Moderation: Vera Viehöfer

In the Directors’ Lounge, we’ll speak with directors Pit Weyrich, Hans-Christoph Mücke und Lutz Heineking Jr. about their passion for their profession, their individual careers and their experience in the various subjects. We want to know what skills you need as a director and how important talent, hard work and discipline are. What influence do directors have today on a brand experience? Has digitalisation generated new areas with which we should familiarise ourselves? Using exciting best-case examples, we show how good directing facilitates brilliant staging and campaigns.