International Festival of Brand Experience
05 | Der Aufbruch 11.01.2023

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Mareike Fuisz

Speaker, Entrepreneur, Social Activist

15:30 – 16:00 | Playground Interactive
Down-Syndrome and more – Changing the World before Boreout!

I see a world where people don’t hold back to live their passion. – We need the “others” to prevent us from drowning in the ocean of conformity. People with Down-Syndrome are a lighthouse for freedom.

There is no contradiction of concepts if they are sincerely anchored in a person. Then punk can be the best in class. Then the manager can be the yoga teacher. Then the diagnosis Down syndrome makes life even happier. – Through innovation and communication, Mareike Fuisz changes the world for families and people with Down syndrome. In her lectures she opens the view to a better future for everyone. Because it is normal to be different.