International Festival of Brand Experience
05 | Der Aufbruch 11.01.2023

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Kristian Kerkhoff

Founder & Managing Partner, DEMODERN – Creative Technologies 

14:00 – 14:30 | Playground Interactive

Seen everything? What actually still blows you over when you go out? There’s a simple formula: everything you don’t expect. We call it the ‘micro-amusement park’ – it’s the digital antidote to boredome.

Kristian has been working in the German digital agency scene for more than 20 years. After many positions as designer, art and creative director for renowned national and international agencies, he started his own digital agency in 2008 and founded DEMODERN together with his partner Alexander El-Meligi.
Today DEMODERN is active worldwide for clients such as Nike, IKEA, Gatorade, Daimler and Royal Caribbean. DEMODERN’s work has received several international awards and has stood for technology, innovation and high-quality digital creation made in Germany for over 10 years.