06 | BrandEx 2024

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Charles Bahr

Owner & Founder of tubeconnect media UG

09:30 – 10:15
Generation Z as consumers – sustainable target group success among teenagers

Format: Power presentation
Track: Supranormal

In 2019, the challenge of understanding usage habits and subcultures among teenagers is becoming increasingly difficult, let alone creating trends that will be enthusiastically embraced by Generation Z. At the age of 16, Charles Bahr is a member of this target group and thanks to founding his own agency knows exactly what interests the target group. In his presentation, he reports on what trends and topics are relevant in 2019 and how a holistic marketing strategy can be adapted to Generation Z as well, even if teens are not the core target group.

Charles is a 16-year old teenager and founded his own social media agency at an age of 14.
tubeconnect media – his own digital marketing agency – tries to solve the problem of irrelevant and “uncool” advertisement for generation Z, the teenagers of the 21st century together with his team out of other 15-21 year old young teenagers. On top of that, Charles speaks at different conferences to convince people (and especially teenagers) that your age is only a number and says nothing about how ready you are to found your own company, realize your dreams or start a project.