International Festival of Brand Experience
04 | Der Neustart 18-01-2022

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Barbara Schiller

Educator and Sex Educator

14:15 – 14:45
The gender shift needs role models!
Patrizia Isabella Widritzki | Alexandra Matzke | Barbara Schiller

Format: Interactive stimulus
Track: Cultural Change

Gender what? None of my business. Or is it? And why is it so important to make role models visible? Let’s question and explore norms and prejudices together. And change our perspectives! Attitudes, opinions and participation wanted!

Barbara’s everyday work at pro familia includes accompanying and supporting people on their path to sexual self-determination and training specialists in sexuality-related issues.
With the ‘EntwederUndOder’ collective, she initiates encounters, creates changes in perspective and unites perceived opposites. In terms of gender identity, sexuality and body – we’re all different and yet the same – what potential for individuals and society!