International Festival of Brand Experience
05 | Der Aufbruch 10.01.2023

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André Gebhardt

Tribe Lead Major Events & Communities
T-Systems International GmbH

16:15 – 16:45 | Keynote Lounge 2
Trust is essential, everything else is secondary!

Franz Kafka wrote, ‘All talk is pointless without trust.’ But what have we seen in marketing in recent years? A focus on automation, target-group-driven standardisation, and the reduction of budgets for trade shows and events. Business KPIs (order entry, leads, etc.) are used as ‘currency’, and everything is subjected to the drive for efficiency. Clients are bombarded with automated zombie e-mails on a daily basis, or pestered by telemarketing agents with product information. It’s time to talk about the most crucial factor in business: trust – and how we can establish authentic trust.

Connectivity, data analytics and digitization: André has been bringing all these topics together for T-Systems at trade fairs and events for more than 6 years. As Tribe Lead for Major Events & Communities, André has consistently used the Customer Journey approach in recent years to manifest the customer perspective as the top priority in event planning. For him, this also includes an authentic, sustainable customer approach. In this sense, the development of expert & audience communities is an important building block for him.