International Festival of Brand Experience
05 | Der Aufbruch 11.01.2023

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Adone Kheirallah

Managing Partner

15:30 – 16:00 | Fresh Club Stage
‘Ten things you never …’ – for audience participation!
Adone Kheirallah | Simon Stahl

Now be honest: Would you go beyond your comfort zone? Our candidates do! In a lively round with Adone Kheirallah, Managing Partner at STAGG & FRIENDS, and Simon Stahl, Creative Director at fischerAppelt, answer your 10 questions that you would never ask an agency head or creative director.

Adone Kheirallah, managing partner of STAGG & FRIENDS GMBH, is a brand expert advising global companies such as Audi, AEG, Eurowings, Porsche and Volkswagen. For them, he develops real and digital experiences along the entire value chain together with the STAGG & FRIENDS team of more than 65 people. Adone Kheirallah’s strategic and creative achievements have won more than 100 national and international awards. He is a full-blooded entrepreneur, for whom his family comes first. He is also an ambitious kitesurfer and crossfitter.