06 | BrandEx 2024
17.-18. JANUARY 2024

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BrandEx BoB allows comparison of the quality level of different years

With many creative ideas, the International Festival of Brand Experience is launching the new BrandEx Award, its first creative competition for successful live communication. It is an amalgamation of the FAMAB AWARD, FAMAB NEW TALENT AWARD, INA Award and BEA Award.

The new BrandEx Award Best of the Best – BrandEx BoB for short – will be premiered at the event. This ranking makes it possible to compare the quality of the individual award years. It is based on a points system and is derived from the jury evaluations.

With the five segments “Architecture”, “Event”, “Crossmedia”, “Planning, Craft, Production” and “Fresh” together with the associated categories, the international BrandEx Award offers a finely balanced system of participation opportunities. Entries for the “Event” segment are possible, for example, in the categories “Best Brand Activation”, “Best Live PR”, “Best Motivation/Best Employee Event”, “Best Corporate Event” and “Best Conference”.

The “Architecture” segment has the categories “Best Stand”, “Best Brand Architecture”, “Best Thematic Exhibition” and “Best Store Concept”. Projects for “Best Stand” can be submitted in the formats “S”, “M” and “L”.

BrandEx Fresh is aimed at creative young professionals in live communication – divided into three groups: Juniors, Students and Freelancers. Participants in BrandEx Fresh will develop a cross-channel live campaign for a real-world brand based on a defined set of tasks.

The call for submissions for the BrandEx Award will go out on 1 August 2018. Participation in the BrandEx Award is subject to a fee of € 750.00 plus VAT or a reduced early bird participation fee until 19 October 2018 of € 550.00 plus VAT per entry submitted. Participation in BrandEx Fresh is free of charge. The deadline for submissions is 11 November 2018. The submission documents are available on www.brand-ex.org, which must also be used for registration and submissions.