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04 | Der Neustart 18-01-2022

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The BrandEx Award (an amalgamation of the former FAMAB AWARD, BEA Award, the FAMAB NEW TALENT AWARD and the INA Award) is a creative award for successful live communication. It recognises outstanding brand experiences, in other words international benchmarks in meeting communication and temporary and permanent architecture. The key evaluation criteria are creativity and implementation success. Prize-winners are selected by a competent and independent jury.


Award-winning trade fair presentations in this category fulfil marketing and corporate goals at the highest level, presenting products and services according to the CI/CD and creating a multisensory experience for visitors.

These presentations are characterised by an exceptionally high level of creativity and originality, a unique approach to challenges and the intelligent use of a wide range of options offered by live communication. The outstanding design of architecture, graphic communication, media and interactive elements make the meeting of brands, messages and people a one-of-a-kind experience that is worthy of recognition.

Best Stand S – Presentations of up to 100 m²

Best Stand M – Presentations of between 101 m² and 500 m²

Best Stand L – Presentations of between 501 m² and 1000 m²

This category recognises spatial brand presentations such as brand environments, show rooms or trade fair presentations larger than L, that give a brand a spatial dimension and a distinctive character. Premium-quality commercial brand projects, temporary or permanent, become tangible and thus create an identity. They excel in their stringent use of architecture, communication, light and media. The successful presentation solves functional requirements of brand identity and spotlights the brand.

The Best Thematic Exhibition honours temporary or permanent theme-focused exhibition concepts that represent a means of communicating within a space. These can include exhibitions from the areas of culture, history, technology as well as theme pavilions and parks. They are designed primarily to impart knowledge rather than to promote sales. With their stringent concept and using the possibilities of spatial presentation, they meet the multidisciplinary requirements of brand identity in an exceptional way.

The Best Store Concept category recognises the design of a brand space. This can be either a permanent or temporary store concept, hospitality facilities, road shows or museums that appeal to consumers. The presentation captivates visitors and successfully combines marketing and architecture. The 360° Customer Journey consistently taps the potential of spaces as experiences so that the benefit they generate emotionalises, activates and motivates users.


This category celebrates the best live projects and solutions for brand communication and the activation of brand target groups. “Brand” is defined as a “promise” of the values and qualities of services and products. Possible formats in this category are product launches, road shows or presentations for an open or closed group of participants.

Projects in this category target the public – the wider public or specific sections of the public. Awards are given to the best live projects in formats such as press events, PR events, galas, charity functions but also cultural events for an open or closed group of participants which have used a collective experience to inform target groups or change attitudes.

This category recognises the best events that sustainably and effectively inform a target group about changes, positively influence their motivation to participate and socialise, or train addressees how to use products and services. Internal target groups are managers, employees and stakeholders, external target groups customers, the media and users. Formats might be incentive or team-building events, change processes, kick-offs as well as training events.

This category honours creative marketing events used by businesses to motivate and inspire their target groups. These can be retailer presentations, road shows, a kick-off event, open day or a traditional company anniversary.

This category recognises the best conferences, conventions and meetings which – thanks to a creative idea, a central theme and consistent implementation – facilitate the communication of insights, knowledge, know-how and experiences, or exemplify the successful planning and execution of meetings.


The category for trade fair formats. Recurring formats based on visitors and exhibitors with a structural presence (trade fair stands) are honoured in this category.

This category is for festivals. It honours formats that offer a mixture of broad-based content, meeting, learning, playing and presenting.

This is the category for new formats. In particular, this category is for formats that do not clearly fit into one of the aforementioned categories in the opinion of the entrant.


The Best Integrated Brand Campaign category recognises outstanding networked multi-channel campaigns that cleverly combine channels such as live, digital or print to architect exceptional experiences that achieve marketing goals.

This category honours the best interactive installations and media architectures designed to achieve defined marketing goals. A “Best Interactive Installation” makes clever use of the digital environment and communicates complex messages in a fun and informative way. It also blends harmoniously into an existing spatial concept.

Planning, Craft, Production

This category focuses on crucial details and the management of live projects such as the innovative use of technology, creative room design, selection and integration of outstanding venues, an emotionalising stage design or an inspirational show.

The category assesses and recognises details of live projects. Here, catering concepts are sought which are especially tailored to the customer’s brand message in terms of the creativity of the offer and which were able to convince in the implementation of the logistics.


The category for all students interested in brand experiences.

Whether you’re studying design and communications, technology, business or a humanities subject: anyone interested in event communication, brand architecture and brand events is welcome to put their creative and conceptual talent to the test in this competition. You can participate on your own or in a team of up to five participants.

You should be registered as a student (enrolment certificate).
The assignment is a design brief for a real brand, as is customary in creative agencies.

The category for young professionals in communications agencies and marketing departments.

Have you finished training or studying and are now responsible for creating and realising brand experiences in your job? Time for the professional brief that will take you to the next level of your career! You can participate on your own or in a team of up to five participants.

You should have no more than two years’ professional experience and provide proof of employment.